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To the Residents Of Boonsburg....

Boonsburg Eggs work like trees trapped in a perpetual fall


Proof the Big Bang is a Boonsburg Egg - FOR EDUCTAIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

How Egyptian Pyramids were Built using Boonsburg Eggs - MacArthur Genious Grant Application

Battlestar Galactica props helping to spread the knowledge of Boonsburg Egg

Plasmapause hides a secret invisible Boonsburg Egg within - only visible when squeezed

Coral Castle Home Movie For - educational purpoSes only - Boonsburg Egg

Alien Spaceships are shape of Boonsburg Eggs becauze that is the most advanced shape

Women helped build Eggyptian pyramids with Boonsburg Eggs!

(Part 2 since rope broke) - Women helped build Eggyptian pyramids with Boonsburg Eggs!

Boonsburg Egg Resaerch Laboratrory owned by me, eb, The Jersey Genious

Giant Nixie Tube Thing - Boonsburg Egg

Boonsburg Eggs used to build pyarmids - THE PHAROA'S GIANT YOYO!

Twilight Zone TOS Props found on scrap heap by inventor of the Boonsburg Egg

Town Council should consider useing Boonsburg Egg as town map.

Boonsburg Egg - Nixie Tube eb

The Boonsburg Egg

Boonsburg Egg On Hill

Boonsburg Egg Knowledge Written On Back Of Props

Boonsburg Egg the same shape as Egypt Sun Disk

eb and the Boonsburg Egg

eb breaks silence and Shares the Knowledge of Boonsburg Egg

More widsom from eb

The Boonsburg Egg is the key to the future

Boonsburg Eggs harness gravity and power the world

Stonehenge built using Boonsburg Eggs

Wisdom for the world to share

This is the key to perpetual motion

More of my wisdom for you to ponder

1600 lbs. of brick and 350 lbs. of counterweight

The Boonsburg Egg harnesses gravity, you fool.

The Boonsburg Egg will save Boonsburg

Wizard of Oz Crystal Ball Sale Benefits NJ Teen Arts
Wizard of Oz Crystal Ball Found in Junkyard by Me
Annonymous Jersey Genious sells Wizerd of Oz Crystal Ball

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Boonsburg Egg Knowlege on Twiter

And lastly, Mother and I wish to personally Thank Noter Dame Univesity
for buying my magazine collection.

Mother and i wish to thank Noter Dame University for buying my personal archives


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